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Being A Plus Size Woman

Being a plus size woman ( I don’t like that label), doesn’t mean that you don’t want or shouldn’t dress well. All of you who struggle with weight know how it is to be a plus size woman. How difficult it can be to find nice and fitting clothing that doesn’t make you look or feel like a sack of potatoes.

Most of my life I have been struggling with weight. Sometimes just a thought of shopping for clothing would leave me in tears. If I would find something that fits, I would hate how it looked on me. Sometimes it was just out of my price range. Plus size clothing is by default something baggy, dark or brown colors, very often with strange patterns and designs. Trends are changing, but we are not really there yet.

Plus Size Shame Floor or Corner

When I started working on a cruise ship a whole new world opened to me in terms of finding bigger sizes in the stores in different ports around the world. However no matter where you go, one thing always stands out. Plus size clothing is always separated and very often on the top floor of a department store as a separate section for plus size outcasts.

… why not adding plus sizes with the rest of the clothing?

you know just continue 12, 14, 16, 18…

I Can Wear Dresses Too

I always admired ladies in pretty dresses, but never dared to wear one. Being a plus size woman I thought that it will not fit my figure. In DaLa Talla shop in Barcelona I was encouraged to try on a dress for the first time. And I decided that maybe it doesn’t look that bad and I can pull it off. That was the first time to come across a store that has some amazing, very fashionable and fitted clothing for plus size ladies. They had everything you can think off. The bast thing in this store were amazing people who worked there. Those girls made you feel comfortable and they were able to find clothing that would amazingly fit your size and figure.

Wearing A Dress is Easy

I learned very quickly that dress is the best piece of clothing you can have in your wardrobe. You put on some nice shoes, jacket, maybe some accessories and you are ready to go. Being a plus size woman became so easy. There was no more struggle which blouse goes with which skirt, does it cover properly my belly or …well, you know the problems already. Dress was a true discovery for me.

Nowadays my wardrobe has only dresses. I don’t bother anymore with anything else. It is just the matter of choosing the right model of dress for your body type:

  • A-line Dress (my personal favorite)
  • Wrap Dress
  • Maxi Dress
  • Midi Dress
  • Mini Dress (why not, if you feel comfortable in it, go for it)
  • Shift Dress
  • Cape Dress and so many different models you can choose from.

How to choose a perfect dress

If you are wondering which dress fits you the best – just try them on and find out. Go to a store that sells dresses and try all different models, even those ones that you don’t think will look good on you. You actually don’t know how it will look like until you try them on. You will get surprised. And bring an honest friend with you to help you find your perfect dress. Once when you figure out which type of the dress you should wear, shopping for a dress will become so easy. Then you can buy your dress online as well.

Dresses Changed My Life

All of a sudden I started loving gala nights on the ship. I had chance to really dress up and wear all kinds of beautiful dresses and evening gowns. It has changed my life. I look good at any given time of the day and therefore I feel great. And I am not going to lie to you – dresses make me happy. I love them and I have hundreds of them now.

Finding A Perfect Dress

However finding a perfect dress is not always easy. You know how you have to go with whatever designer imagined when making a dress. You try it on and you just wish that it is a tiny bit longer, that sleeves are shorter or maybe longer, or even mid length. Or you love the dress but the neckline is killing your buzz…experienced that before, right?

I tried so many dresses in the past few years and it was always – ah I wish it was like this or like that. I usually wished they were longer and that they had three quarters sleeves, and sometimes it was hard to fulfill all my requirements.

Dress Made Up To Your Size and Liking

But then once by pure chance I discovered Customize your dress – at first it sounded too good to be true, but I decided to give it a try. It was an online store where among other clothing you can buy dresses. They have thousands of styles, all different colors, different fabrics and the best part is that you can customize clothing up to your liking.

You like short sleeves – you get short sleeves. You want it long, short, mid calf, just under knee – anything your heart desires. The best part is that you can either choose custom sizes or use the pre-sized dresses (which I recommend). If you use custom sizes you have to be careful and follow instructions. If you don’t measure yourself well, the dress won’t fit – it happened to me once. They also make the dress to your height. This is super important because this is where most of the dresses or any other clothing will fail you. Someone 5.1 cannot wear the same thing as someone 5.8 just in a bigger size. They make these dresses to fit you perfectly and they pay attention to every detail of it.

Dress With Pockets – Heaven

One of the best features are side seam pockets. You wouldn’t believe what difference it makes once you are used to having them. I became so spoiled now. If dress doesn’t have pockets I don’t want to wear it. Because where should I keep my phone and things if not in the pocket. My sister noticed the other day that these pockets are made so well that you can put bunch of things in them and it won’t even show, as pockets are well hidden (especially on A-line dresses).

They really think of everything, so dresses have inner shoulder bra strap keeps – and trust me, that is an amazing thing and you didn’t know how much you needed it until you try it and then some other dress doesn’t have it.

Real Fashion for Real People

You can check out their dresses either on their website or check out their # on instagram #realfashionforrealpeople. It is truly real fashion for real people – pretty, good quality, made to your size and liking and very affordable.

I am not paid to advertise this company, but I feel that any woman deserves to look and feel pretty. This is the main reason why I am sharing this story with you and my great experience with eshakti.

I Will Need New Dresses Very Soon

Since my weight loss journey is going very well and I already have lost 23kg, I will need some new dresses very soon.

Some of my eshakti dresses now actually fit better than ever before, but some of them are too big and I cannot wear them anymore.

But it is ok, it will be so much pleasure and fun choosing new ones when the time come.

Let me know what is your favorite dress store and where to find it.

Lets share some dress love.

Update on this post. Few days after I have published this post I joined eShakti affiliate program so now I actually might get some compesation for writing this article. That doesn’t change my opinion nor love for their dresses as I adore them.

Check out this link if you are interested in checking out eShakti.

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