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Customize Your Perfect Dress

Imagine you could customize your perfect dress. Now that is not a dream, you can do it for real.

eShakti Experience

I have lost a lot of weight and all my dresses are about 3 – 4 sizes bigger right now, but some of them I still can pull off until I order new ones

Remember how I told you in my post Being A Plus Size Woman how you can customize your own dress – I wasn’t joking. It is for real. After posting that story about being Plus Size woman and sharing with you my love for eShakti dresses I got an offer to advertise their product. Of course I accepted and if you buy a dress following this link I will get some commission for it.

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I am gladly doing this, as it is easy to promote a product you really believe in. And to tell you the truth after loosing 23kg (and hopefully some more soon) I will certainly need some money to get some new dresses for myself. So if you are interested to learn about my experience with eShakti read this text and if you want to feel fabulous in your new dress click on one of the links below and enjoy the eShakti experience.

Dress and Go – Easy As That

Few years ago I discovered dress as the most perfect piece of clothing you can have. It is so easy to wear. And it is easy to pack if you travel a lot like I do. You will always look awesome and all you have to think about are accessories you are going to wear to make your outfit complete. Or, as I often do, just put on a dress on and go.

There is a funny story about that. My friend and I were already running late and we still had to get ready for work and be there in time. Although it is quite easy when your work place is an elevator ride from your place of living. We had about 5 minutes to get ready and he said “it is easy for you – you just put a dress on and you are ready to go”.

One of my favorites – lady bug dress – this is last year picture from Bordeaux

However, can just any dress be “the one”?

dresses, custom clothing, womens dresses,fashion, retro, fall, spring, fit and flare dresses, knit dresses

The Perfect Dress

When you choose a dress, you really have to pay attention to some details. Not every dress will fit every body type. You have to try different types of dresses in order to decide which one fits the best. There is no such a thing as you are this or that shape so this and that will fit you. Clothing doesn’t really work like that. Sometimes there is also that moment how do you feel about it. As my friend used to say – the perfect dress is the one that makes you smile. I really go by that phrase. I only wear those dresses that make me smile. So if you ask me what is the perfect dress? It is the one that is comfortable, makes you feel pretty and brings smile on your face. Oh, and not to forget pockets …but I will tell you about those later on.

Discovering eShakti Brand

Let me tell you how I have discovered eShakti brand and what customizing your perfect dress actually means.

Very quickly I learned that I like A-line or Fit-and-Flare dresses the best. My comfortable dress length is mid calf or below knee length. The choices for plus size dresses in the stores were always limited so I decided to try finding them online. I bought many dresses before I discovered eShakti. It was always the same – dresses were usually shorter than what I wanted them to be. Sometimes they had shorter sleeves than what I would like. Sometimes, but rarely, they were perfect. And then I stumbled across eShakti dress on Amazon. Only after ordering the first one I visited an actual website and to my surprise they had everything I ever wanted from a dress.

What is so different about eShakti Brand

yellow eshakti dress
yellow eShakti dress on a windy day at the beach in Bermudas

The first thing you will notice when you open is that they everything you might need – blouses, pants, tops, skirts, jackets and of course her majesty the dress. And it is hundreds of different styles that you can choose from. So every single woman can find something to their liking.

And the best part you can customize your perfect dress, a blouse or a skirt.

And trust me a lot of women do find their happiness on their website and eshakti is proud to share their comments and posts, even pictures of those ladies wearing their dresses. Check out their Customers Speak page if you don’t believe me.

Customize Your Perfect Dress – what does it really mean

Think of the last dress or a blouse you have seen, and then you thought: “Hm, I like this one, but I wish it was longer”. How many times you had that situation? For me that was very often – there was always something missing. It was usually the length of the dress or the type of neckline.

Now imagine that you can customize your perfect dress – you choose what is it going to look like. They already made a design for you, but it will be your dress so you get to choose how it is really going to look like. They have this awesome FX feature where you actually can see how your customization is going to look like before the actual dress comes to you. This is awesome feature as sometimes changing just one detail can completely change the whole look of the dress and you might decide to leave it as the designer imagined it in the first place.


So what is that you can customize when making your perfect dress:

  • Length – Maxi, midi, knee length, below knee, above knee…
  • Neck Line – deep V, boat neck, plunge for brave ones…
  • Sleeves – no sleeves, cap sleeves, short sleeves, my favorite for cotton dresses three quarter sleeves…
  • Pockets or No pockets (you have to be crazy to remove pockets)
  • Zippers or no zippers
  • embellishment or no embellishment on your dress

Choose the model first

The first thing to do is to choose the model that you like.

one of my favorites (like I could choose just one to be the favorite) – this one I have ordered wrong size but still kept it so now it fits perfectly – it was a lucky mistake

Trust me, this won’t be easy as there is so many different ones and you will want them all, or most of them. It is not a bad idea to set yourself a budget or number of dresses you are allowed to purchase in one order, as otherwise you can go a bit crazy and end up with 10 new dresses. It really can happen – been there, done that – more than once.

Dress that fits your size

When you choose the model of a dress that you like – you need to choose which size of the dress you want. There are two ways to do this. First one is to chose their standard sizes which go from 0 to 36 size. The second option is to use your own measurements and fill in the form which will ask you for following measurements:

  • bust
  • chest
  • hips
  • shoulder
  • under bust
  • upper arm
  • waist…and so on

Tip: How to choose the right size

If you are getting a dress I actually suggest you to measure your bust and waist and hips, and see which standard size you fit in. That is much easier way and also if you don’t measure yourself right your dress won’t fit you as it should. Trust me this way it works really good as this is how I have ordered all my dresses and dresses for all my friends. If you feel that you might need an extra inch to your waist but you still want size 20 for example, you can ask them to make it like that for you and they will do it whenever it is possible. Also if you have longer or shorter torso they can accommodate this as well. That is how amazing they are.

eShakti has disrupted women’s fashion with personalized clothing made to the customer’s size and height, and her preference in style.

It fits your height as well

Once you have chosen your size, they will ask you how tall you are. I find this amazing. This is absolutely brilliant concept as your height makes huge difference how some piece of clothing will fit you. Someone 5.1 cannot wear the same dress as someone who is 5.7, even when they wear the same size of the dress. This is where most of the clothing actually fail all of us – eaither we are too short (which is my case) or too tall and therefore most of the sizes in regular stores actually don’t sit right. that is not the case with eShakti as they make dress to fit your height. it is very important to give them right measurement so your dress will come perfectly made for you.

Did I tell you about pockets?

Dresses with pockets? Find them at Shop now!

Imagine a dress that has everything you ever wanted, you customized your perfect dress and then add pockets to that. That is heaven. You might wonder why I am bragging about pockets but trust me – pockets are important. Especially eShakti pockets – they are side seam pockets – you don’t see them on your dress. Those are deep pockets that can fit your keys, phone, a sandwich(shouldn’t do that anymore if I want to lose weight), apples, bananas (just ask my ship friends how many of those were smuggled in my pockets to the crew cabins for some late after work snacks). Pockets you can trust. Pockets that make these dresses perfect.

I became so spoiled that if dress doesn’t have pockets, I don’t want to wear it. Very rarely I make that exception and then regret it the moment I come out of the house and don’t know what to do with my phone.

Inner shoulder bra strap keeps

Now you think “this one is crazy” – first she is talking about pockets and now bra straps – ha! Wait until you try this. You didn’t even know how much you actually needed this on your dresses and blouses, especially sleeveless ones. It is a very important feature if you ask me, as it keeps your bra straps in place. I know there is plenty of products nowadays that are promoting strapless bras, but I am a bit old-fashioned and I like a good old strap to keep it all up and then I also need something to keep the strap in place. The best thing I have ever seen on a dress…after pockets of course.

Fabrics and Designs

One of the things I really like about eShakti brand – apart from the customization – is that they have beautiful designs, colors and fabrics. You can choose from all different styles of dresses, all bright and beautiful colors (darker ones as well for those who are more into that). My favorite fabrics are cotton for fall and winter as it is nice and warm and then stretch poplin and georgette or crepe are good for the spring and summer. If you prefer only natural fabrics, they have that option as well. They also have denim dresses and jeans. I haven’t tried their pants and jeans yet, as I prefer to wear only dresses, but I am sure that they are as awesome as everything else I did try so far. For example I have two (actually 3) of their denim jackets that I absolutely adore and cannot imagine my life without them.

Denim jacket by eShakti and me kissing this little Dutch

eShakti believes that all women have the right to wear affordable fashion that is made for them and makes them look their absolute best.

Did I convince to try this one out and get yourself a dress that will fit perfectly? If yes click the link below…if not keep reading there is more.

dresses, custom clothing, womens dresses,fashion, retro, fall, spring, fit and flare dresses, knit dresses

How Much Does it Cost

All really good things in life usually have a price tag on it. eShakti dress will also have a price tag – but surprisingly very affordable one. Their prices go from super affordable to pretty much affordable and they have great deals too. Just to give you an idea the lowest priced dress is $49.99 and that is before you apply the daily discount. One of the secrets when buying on eShakti is that you get benefits as you buy more dresses. You will have certain perks as you reach your silver, gold, platinum or like in my case palladium status. I am looking forward to see what is the next level.

Deal of the day

FREE Customization on ALL first time orders! Casual Chic! Shop

Very important thing to know is that they have deals that change every few days – so sometimes it will be free shipping, or free customization (otherwise it is $9.99 fee to customize your perfect dress), sometimes it is 25% discount, sometimes 40% discount, sometimes buy 1 get second one 50% off. All different kinds of deals and they change every 2-3 days. Sometimes you want to wait and see what is the next deal. Still keep in mind sometimes dresses get sold out so fast that if you wait on a deal you may loose that particular one that you liked. Good news is that there will be 30 more you like every few days so you will always find something that you cannot live without.

Also if they send you a survey link fill it in and submit it as you usually get some additional coupons and discounts. Tell them what you really think, as believe it or not they actually listen to their costumers and act on your suggestions and complains (if there is any). I actually complained/suggested once that there is not enough yellow dresses – check it out, there is now.

eShakti yellow dress

Shipping of your eShakti dress

When something is made to fit your size it usually takes more time…right?!?

eshakti, custom clothing, womens fashion, womens dresses, plus clothing, day dresses

Well , not with eShakti they just started advertising new delivery time from 9-13 days. I know for a fact that they deliver 100% in time and most often even before. If you ask them to make it quicker they will try their best to do it for you. Still I would recommend to order it about 2 weeks before so you have your dress in time. Also check if they are shipping to your particular country as for now the list is not very long. This is sad for me as my country is not on the list. Therefore I need to wait to get back to the ship to order new dresses.

When it comes to packaging of your dress – that is a true delight. You will see on their site, people actually talk about how does it feel to open eShakti box and how excited you get when it arrives. But I will tell you more about it as soon as I order some new ones.

Customer Service

eShakti has amazing customer service, they respond very quickly and issues are quickly resolved (if there is any of course). They care about their customers and everything they do is for us. You have options for refunds and returns if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product. So if the size is not right or dress doesn’t fit you can change it. Just check out what are the options.

Thank you eShakti Team

I am really grateful to people in eShakti as they really helped me change the way I feel about my look and my size. It is easy to feel beautiful when your clothing is made to fit your body type, your size and height. Simply it is made for you to look and feel good in it.

I am writing this article to promote this online shop, but I am really doing it from the heart as I truly believe in this brand and that every woman deserves to look beautiful and to feel good in her own skin no matter what size she is wearing.

Special Occassion or Every Day dress – it is up to you

Let me know if you already have some eShakti dresses. Or if you check out the site, which one you will be getting for yourself. Remember you can wear these ones every single day. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to treat yourself with a nice dress. Customize your perfect dress and enjoy feeling great in your new dress.

Check out the link below and also follow them on instagram #eshakti #realfashionforrealpeople

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Also feel free to use my referral code as both of us get some nice discounts: TAMARAMARKOVICZUIDERDAM

Get $25 OFF your first order! Shop

Enjoy customizing your perfect dress and let me know which one took your breath away.

dresses, custom clothing, womens dresses,fashion, retro, fall, spring, fit and flare dresses, knit dresses


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